Welcome to Movies for Earthlings, which serves as my website for film reviews in much the same sense as Stefan Grasso’s Game Reviews functions as a game review site. I created this website because I grew tired of the fact that my film reviews could only be seen on Rotten Tomatoes, a site that gives me no control over the manner in which they’re published, and forces me to use the antiquated star rating system. On this site, I can publish film reviews at a specific time, and write them in any manner I wished. I usually post only twice a week, on every Monday and Friday.

For a very long time, film has been a key interest of mine, and I’ve been practising my craft since 2012, which is when I started using the grading system that I currently use for written reviews. I use two private documents (one for rating films, the other for storing the scores) that I composed on Microsoft Word. Some of my reviews already existed in a previous form, but have been refined on this site. Whenever I write a new film review, I try to set a minimum word count of 500 words.

These are not strictly intended to be professional reviews. In fact, this is essentially a side project, but I am open to new directions for the project.


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